If you’ve grown up in the church, then you have probably heard it said that prayer is powerful. In fact, it is the foundation of a Christian’s relationship with God.

Prayer is powerful because it creates a connection between a holy God and sinful Christians. God wants a relationship with us. He wants one so urgently that He sent Jesus to earth, to be hated and tortured, just so we would have the opportunity to communicate with Him.

“For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

One of the defining factors of the Christian faith is the believer’s ability to speak directly with God. Communication with God plays a powerful role throughout the Old and New Testament.

The life of Abraham and Sarah, in the Old Testament, shows that God listens and answers the prayers of His followers. In Genesis 18:23, Abraham pleads with God to show mercy on Sodom. God heeds the concerns of Abraham and agrees that He will not destroy Sodom if there are but 15 righteous people.

God also desires a relationship with us, despite our constant disbelief in His power. In Genesis 18:14, God rebukes Sarah for her disbelief in His ability to give her a son. A relationship with God needs to be built on good communication and trust.

Trust was the missing factor in the apostle Peter’s early walk with Christ. After Jesus miraculously walks on water in Mathew 14:25, Peter begins to sink because he questions God’s power to keep him afloat.

God is patient and merciful. He walks with us throughout our disbelief, but great things can happen when a Christian whole-heartedly trusts in God.

In Luke 8:43, a sick woman makes a great effort to touch the cloak of Jesus. She did this because she knew the slightest contact she had would be able to save her from even the deadliest of diseases.

As Christians, we should mimic this woman’s faith in the power of God. Though we might not always get the answers from God that we desire, He is always listening to our needs and providing for us.