Practicing the Power of Prayer in Lynchburg


In a world of tragedy and suffering there is a need for leaders to rise up and spend time in prayer for the US and its families. This nation is undergoing a lot of change with many people giving their own opinion and arguing; but what really brings life change is the focus and attentiveness in prayer. This has forced many Christians to take a stand and encourage others to pray for America. Evangelist Franklin Graham started the Decision America Tour 2016 to promote prayer. This movement is what motivated the Lynchburg Community Prayer Breakfast to take action.


Bob Platt has been the Lynchburg Prayer Breakfast Committee’s chairman since 2003, and has been involved in the organization since 1998. He says he has witnessed the power of prayer through his experience with the Prayer Breakfast group.


Platt noted that prayer is not only effective in his life, but also in the people around him. “We don’t know what it does for our community or military. But the way the world is, it doesn’t hurt. And it's brought me closer to Christ.”


Platt’s approach to impact this nation through prayer is inspiring and effective. His greatest desire is to get everyone and anyone involved. “Really, we are trying to get everyone to come. We just want to pray together,” said Platt.


Getting as many people as possible to attend prayer breakfast is the group’s primary goal. There is a great need to reach out through social media where everyone can be reminded of the event and see the real purpose in attending.


Encouraging young people to attend is important to the organization. “We are going to put a bigger emphasis on students,” said Platt. “That will include cost to attend, as well as more promotional work through Facebook and other social media.