During the 2016 election year, many Christians struggled with discerning which candidate to support. This caused Christian leaders, both nationally and locally, to encourage others to sincerely pray for the United States and their own communities.

Prayer is the means of communicating with God. It’s not about getting what we want but to bring glory to Him. We look at prayer from a man- centered point of view, but Christ looks at prayer from a God-centered view.

Many Christians in the United States refuse to get involved in the government or voice their opinions on political issues. However, Christians need to be salt and light and the way we do that is by becoming involved.

Being involved in government will provide excellent opportunities to share God’s love and forgiveness. When serving, people should intentionally try to engage people in conversation about spiritual things, asking God to help them be sensitive to those in whom the Spirit may be working.

In order for biblical values to be maintained and implemented, Christians also should consider running for national and local elected positions. The only way that laws and policies that promote Christian principles will be passed is if men and women of God step up.

We must exercise our faith by being involved, for unless we do, our faith is dead and useless. We must seek to overcome evil with good and in so doing, love God with all our heart, soul and mind.

Presidential elections tend to focus attention on national politics and the United States as a whole. However, the Lynchburg Community Prayer organization wants to remind local citizens to pray for their city. Lynchburg is the buckle of the Bible belt and we as a city need to focus on God’s righteousness and holiness.

Through national campaigns like Graham’s Decision America Tour 2016 and local groups like Lynchburg Community Prayer, Christians will be inspired to not only pray for their nation, but become involved to uphold biblical values.