Sarah Ballenger

Over the years, Sara Ballenger, Founder and President of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners (CHPP), has quietly become a voice to the nation.


A homemaker and teacher when called to found this work twenty years ago, Sara has sought to obey the will of God in her life, by calling others to “pray . . . for all in authority” daily. Today, CHPP reaches out to a network of over 4,000 intercessors with an online, daily prayer alert; maintains a hidden network of 28 prayer shields; and coordinates a daily, prayer watch on Capitol Hill, every day that Congress is in session.


From its beginning, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners has served in on-site prayer under the full blessing of the Office of the Chaplain of the United States Senate.


Today, Sara resides in Herndon, VA, with her husband, Jim (a CPA). Her two sons are now adults, also living nearby. She is most grateful that, from the beginning of this work, her family has stood beside her, quietly offering their support.


In these perilous times, Sara’s heart’s desire is to walk closely with the Lord, even clinging unto Him, and trusting that He will take us by the hand and show us how to “die to self” and to “live for Him,” one day at a time. In His Grace, Amen.