Nigel Alleyne

The 45th annual community prayer breakfast featured speaker Nigel Alleyne, founder and Senior Pastor of All Nations Community Church. Nigel is a native of Barbados, West Indies. He graduated from Blue Water Bible College, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands before moving to Lynchburg to attend Liberty University in1982. He has undergraduate degrees in theology and pastoral studies, and two graduate degrees: Master of Divinity and Master of Counseling. He has been pastor of 2nd St. Paul Baptist Church, Altavista, VA since 1987. He is an adjunct Professor of Theology at Virginia University of Lynchburg.


Nigel’s wife, Pauline, is a native of Antigua, West Indies. They have two daughters, Shirley and Kendra. As Senior Pastor of All Nations, Nigel is responsible for spiritual leadership, pastoral care of members, preaching and teachingGod’s word, and overseer of general management of the church.


As a child, Nigel dreamed of being a jockey and a winner of horse races; instead he became a renowned winner of souls for Christ. Occasionally, Nigel takes a day off and goes to Smith Mountain Lake to read, meditate, and relax.